Public Pressure is a well-funded music Web3 media company, enabling a growing movement of fans, artists and labels to transform the way we experience/collect music and connect with one another.

We are looking for an A&R assistant to expand our talent scouting team and onboard artists on Public Pressure.

The focus of the work will be bringing onboard “mid-level / breakthrough” artists, in control of their masters and distribution decision making process. (Not completely underground / emerging, and not yet fully established with record label deals)


  • Work as part of the A&R team
  • Scout talent: research up-and-coming / breakthrough artists to drop on Public Pressure
  • Lead creative discussions and pitches both with the Public Pressure Team and Artists
  • Communicate and deal directly with artists / management all the way to the agreement signing process
  • Data analysis: source key numbers / perform detailed artist assessment in terms of fanbase, social media numbers / engagement, streaming etc.
  • Meet expectations in terms of artist deals and drops targets
  • Maintain artists relationships and prepare artists for follow-up drops
  • Work closely with the marketing team and NFT Director to maximise the visibility of drops
  • Keep excellent electronic records and follow company procedures for storage of data
  • Maintain confidentiality of information at all times


  • Existing connections and relationships with a pool of artists / music scene(s) preferred
  • Cross-genre approach preferred
  • European based preferred
  • Good spoken and written English
  • Excellent organisational and file management skills


Previous experience as an A&R assistant or as a music promoter (even freelance / low level) required